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About Tattoo Boosters

At Tattoo Boosters, we are passionate about helping tattoo parlors grow their business. Our team of experts use targeted Facebook Ads to increase your local customer base and boost your revenue.

Why Choose Tattoo Boosters?

Tattoo Boosters specializes in helping tattoo parlors increase their revenue through targeted Facebook Ads. Our team of experts will create a custom advertising campaign for your store to get more customers through your doors.

Paid Advertising

Ads, Just Ads.

We do one thing - we just do it with a monastic focus and better than anyone else. If you want an agency that offers a full service solution of everything that won’t move the needle forward, we’re not for you.

If you want an agency where with two clicks, you can get a clear breakdown of how much was spent, how much was made & what your net profit was - we’re for you.

What we offer

Mastery Demands Focus So...

We don't offer any other services except for paid advertising...

​ Web Design

​ Content Creation

​ Email Marketing

​ Social Media Management

​ Instagram Growth

​ PR Service

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